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U – Washington DC Family Law Dictionary


UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC) – one of the uniform laws drafted by the NCCUSL and the ALI governing commercial transactions.

UCCJEA – the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, a uniform law regarding custody and visitation for parties from different states.

UIFSA – the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, a new uniform law regarding child support and alimony for parties from different states.

UNIFORM PARENTAGE ACT of 2000 (UPA) – deals with new reproductive technologies and the problems caused by the late discovery of paternity.

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE – a divorce proceed in which there are no disputes.

UNCONSCIONABLE – used in contract law, refers to an agreement that is so grossly unfair as to be oppressive and unenforceable.

UNEXERCISED INTEREST – refers to the a right — for example, in stock options — which has not been exercised.

UNIFORM MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE ACT (UMDA) – an act that standardizes divorce protocols, including a provision that mandates that the terms and conditions of a separation agreement and divorce decree dealing with the division of property are enforceable by contempt.

UNIFORM PARENTAGE ACT OF 2000 – consolidated and revised the Uniform Parentage Act of 1973, the Uniform Putative and Unknown Father Act of 1988 and the Uniform Status of Children of Assisted Conception Act of 1988 into a single act of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.

UNIFORM PREMARITAL AGREEMENT ACT – establishes terms and conditions for premarital agreements.

UNIFORMED SERVICES FORMER SPOUSES PROTECTION ACT (USFSPA) – a Federal law providing specified rights and privileges to the civil marital partners in the armed forces.

UNVESTED INTEREST – refers to, in the case of stock options, the right of an employee to earn options, usually after a period of time with a company.

URESA(Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act) – the statute which enables one state to request assistance from another state in establishing or enforcing a child support order against a parent located in the other state.

U.S.C.A. – the United States Code Annotated, the official laws of the United States.