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Q – Washington DC Family Law Dictionary


QUASH – cancel or limit the scope of a procedure, such as discovery.

QUALIFIED DOMESTIC RELATIONS ORDER – (QDRO) a court ruling stating that a portion of one spouse’s pension be awarded to the other spouse as part of the equitable distribution of the marital assets. ( see QDRO section in your state).

QUALIFIED MEDICAL CHILD SUPPORT ORDER (QMCSO) – a court ruling providing continued and uninterrupted medical insurance coverage of the child of the insured parent as a part of the final decree in a divorce.

QUALIFIED (RETIREMENT) PLAN – a retirement plan that meets criteria set forth in ERISA and the I.R.C.

QUANTITY – in divorce usage, the sum as opposed to the duration of alimony.

QUANTUM MERUIT – a Latin term meaning “as much as deserved.

QUIT CLAIM – to release legal claim. It is a document relinquishing claim, as in a quit claim to the deed to the marital house.